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Ways to Contribute in Open Source Software

Ways to Contribute in Open Source Software

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The best way to contribute to an open source software is by willing to to do it.

Hi there! This is Anna aka Designer Anna. In this article I am going to share a few ideas about different ways to contribute in an open source project or software.

  1. Suggesting Meaningful edits. Reviewing an existing project and suggesting meaningful edits can play a big role as a contribution to the project.
  2. Sharing a different version of current one. By different version, I mean to say that if you have an idea and can develop it in your own way, you should definitely share it to project.
  3. Sharing the software/project with others. Even if are not a developer and still wanna contribute to a program you are using, you can do that by sharing it to your friends or even as many people as you can.
  4. Paying the developer/designer in terms of a few bucks to buy a coffee or similar. When it comes to contribute in an open source software, specially if it helps you to earn money, then you should definitely pay something to the developer, to show your gratitude. In this way, you help the developer by encouraging to keep running a project and continue to release its updates.

By the way, these are my personal views about contributing in open source. I know you may have more ideas of your own and if you do, please share them with me and rest of the developer community.

Speaking about contribution, do you know about Hacktoberfest...! If you are viewing this article in October and willing to contribute in open source, Hacktoberfest is a perfect way to start with. To know more about Hacktoberfest, go through this link :


Well, I hope you got my article useful. To view my other articles of my series - Hacktoberfest Celebrations with Designer Anna, you check them here . I'll meet you through my next article. Till then, Keep coding, keep growing...! ☕

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